First Time Reflexology

Note: If your treatment is a home visit the practitioner will expect the patient to have towels prepared as required. the practitioner would be able to use his own but there will a charge for this service.

1. Your practitioner will introduce themselves and ask you to take a seat and take a look at some registration forms. These forms are necessary to assure the practitioner that you have no medical history which may delay or deny treatment.

2. After you filled the forms and signed the agreement forms, you will be asked to take off your shoes and your socks to allow the practitioner to get a good look at your feet.

3. If the practitioner notices any possible points in the feet which may not be treatable they will ask you about that point and avoid if necessary while treating. In some cases, the practitioner would not be allowed to proceed if a medical contradiction (please click here to read the possible medical contradictions) has come up and no doctors approval has been given. 

4. After the necessary paper work has been done which takes around 10-12 minutes, you will asked to lay on a bed if possible or sit in a chair if not and close your eyes. The practitioner has been trained to do reflexology by hands or feet, so if you are not able to lay down you can still be treated on the hands while sitting down, provided you do not have any skin conditions.

5. The practitioner will now try to make you as comfortable as possible, changing the lighting in the room, putting some soft music on, use aromatherapy candles if you would like and covering you from neck to ankles with a towel to keep you warm leaving only feet or hands exposed. It is important for both the practitioner and the patient to feel as comfortable as possible.

6. The practitioner will now wash your hands or feet with some wipes to remove any residual dirt and wash their hands also, before beginning treatment.

7. The practitioner will now follow a basic regime of relaxation treatment which usually lasts around 10-12 minutes. The practitioner will be looking at diagrams of treatment if necessary. Note: Please do not think the practitioner is not trained when they are doing this as Reflexology is a large amount of information to remember and even the best practitioners will sometimes forget and need to refer to notes and diagrams to decide which type of treatment is best to perform and some for some treatments they must have their references available and treatment forms available to proceed. 

8. After a basic relaxation treatment and patient has been relaxed a more extensive treatment will be done this can last around 10-15 minutes. This is where the practitioner will treat the body the body all over the hands or feet using a set method. Note: If this was not your first time you would receive a special focused treatment where the practitioner will have a treatment sheet telling them where you body needs treating and focus upon those areas. 

9. After the treatment has been performed there will be an additional 5 minutes of relaxation treatment.

10. At this point your treatment will be complete and the practitioner will ask you to open your eyes and wake you if you fell asleep. It is perfectly fine to fall asleep, during treatment this will not affect your session. 

11. After you have awoken or got up. the practitioner will ask you for some feedback and whether you would like to proceed with further treatments.

Here is a break down of the 1 hr treatment time for first session in your home. 

Home visit:​

  • 10 mins setup equipment

  • 10-15 mins Forms/registration/treatment regime Note: 10-15 mins forms is only for first time, in additional treatments this can be usually accomplished in 10 mins

  • 10-12 mins of relaxation treatment

  • 10-15 mins of treatment regime

  • 5 mins of relaxation

  • remaining time feedback.

  • 10 mins pack up equipment

I hope this clears up and gives you an insight into your first time treatment. Please contact me if you have any further queries.