First Time Reiki

Please note the following is for adult Reiki sessions, children and pets sessions will be different consult the practitioner for changes.

1. You practitioner will introduce themselves and ask you to sit down and take a look at some registration forms. These forms are necessary to instruct the practitioner how to proceed and to secure patients agreement of whether they can proceed. Medical history is also needed but does not affect treatment unless severe case such as epilepsy.

2. After you filled the forms and signed the agreement forms, you will be asked to take off your shoes and jewellery anything metallic.

3. The Practitioner will ask you to follow an exercise to help ground you and receive Reiki treatment.

4. You will then be asked to sit down or lay down depending on your preference, then close your eyes. Note: It is perfectly natural to fall asleep during the session and this will not effect the treatment in any way.

5. The practitioner will then cover you with a towel if you are feeling cold and be sure you are made comfortable, by changing the lighting of the room putting some soft music and candles if you would like.

6. The practitioner will wash their hands, then begin the brushing technique. the practitioner will hover their hands over your body and brush down without touching. This removes any negative energy before starting treatment.

7. Every time including the first time, the practitioner will proceed to clense your Chakra's from Crown to Root this takes about 10 minutes. This method involves either lightly touching two of each Chakra point or hovering hands over those points for 2-3 mins then moving on with finally both hands ending up at the Heart Chakra Note: this may alleviate problems in the body just by being in those areas for small amounts of time. I have made a list below to show you what each chakra may be capable of doing.

Please Note: this list is only a few of the possible problems as to list them all would be very extensive and very time consuming to read.

Chakra's Locations and some possible effects:

  • Crown: Top of head: treats migraines, headaches, dementia, and other head associated problems

  • Third eye: Upper forehead: Headaches, eye trouble, open up your awareness and heightens your general senses

  • Throat: Throat area: Alleviates your fear to speak up in general and helps with any throat trouble soar throat etc.

  • Heart: Across the middle chest: deals with heart trouble, matters of love for yourself and other also deals with bereavement issues.

  • Solar plexus: Stomach area: food consumed, stomach pains, cramps and bad digestion issues

  • Sacral: Just below stomach above abdomen/naval behind in the lower back: Sensual issues, inner child tendencies, digestion processing etc.

  • Root: Around abdomen/naval: Grounding to earth, constipation, naval and abdomen issues.

8. After the practitioner has finished clensing you Chakra's they will proceed to treat each individual one, but may for one reason or another treat one or more Chakra's for longer. This is because they may feel compelled to treat that area because they found an issue while doing basic treatment. 

Please Note: If one area gets focused upon more than the others, it will not effect overall treatment, because the thing about Reiki is it will go where it is needed the most, so even if the practitioner hovers over your "Solar plexus: stomach" for a long time, the residual energy in the stomach will move to the other Chakra's and all points are still treated. 

9. After hovering/touching these points for around 20 minutes the practitioner will brush the patients chakras again.

10. At this point it will be end of the session and the practitioner will bend down to the ear level of the patient ask a very low volume voice for them to get up slowly with feet hanging over first and move when they feel they are able to. For some who have trouble getting up after laying down a while the practitioner will offer a hand and carefully help the patient up. 

11. Lastly the practitioner will offer some water to the patient, because Reiki causes dehydration to the body. Then will discuss feedback and experience with the patient body and advise any aftercare advise.

Here is breakdown of the timing for treatments

Home visit:​

  • 10 mins setup equipment

  • 10 mins Forms/registration

  • 5 mins of brushing the chakras

  • 5 mins of clensing the chakras

  • 25 mins of treatment

  • 5 mins of brushing the chakras

  • 10 mins of remaining time for feedback and payment (if not already given)


  • 10 mins to greet the patient and talk about the issue

  • 10 Forms/registration (if not already done)

  • 5 mins of brushing the chakras

  • 5 mins of clensing the chakras

  • 25 mins of treatment

  • 5 mins of brushing the chakras

  • 10 mins of remaining time for feedback and payment (if not already given)

I hope this clears up and gives you an insight into your first time treatment. Please contact me if you have any further queries.