Reiki Distant Healing

On this page I will explain the Reiki Distant Healing procedure and how it is possible to receive healing through this method. 

So how does it work? Reiki distant healing works because we don't treat the physical self rather the energy self or astral body.  The astral body is also connected to the physical self/body and when your emotions change or stress starts coming in, this can effect your astral body and the chakra's (energy balls in various parts of the body connected to body functions. There are 7 in total). By treating the chakra's which is what we do as Reiki practitioners we treat the deep emotions that have been buried and some will arise and come to light. We also give general well being healing improving energy in the body and blood flow.

As Reiki practitioners we do not need to physically touch the patient for the healing to work, but more through this method we can be on a different timezone and still perform this healing. All Reiki practitioners mainly will use this type of healing if their patient is unable to come to their practice, is on holiday, or is ill and for many other reasons.  

For this procedure this can be done a number of ways. the most common is audio or video calling the patient and performing live healing. Now for some this is possible and an appointment is made like as if they were going to a clinic. The patient is contacted using Skype or Whatsapp audio/video and asked to perform certain tasks to make their healing more effective. But some people have little or no time to sit or lay down for a short time, so in this regard we can offer distant healing through text messaging and perform the healing right away for the patient but give an instructions to their energy body, to only pass that healing when it is appropriate or when they are able to receive it.  Now this means that they may receive that healing after a short rest or sleep. We would then follow up the next day with the patient for feedback on their treatment and give aftercare advice. In light of payments for these treatments most of us including me will NOT charge these patients in advance and will ask for payment after treatment if live, after feedback if not.

To book a session for this type of treatment I will ask the following in text or email. 

  • Date you would like your treatment

  • Reason or what you would like to be treated for (this is important because a referral may be necessary).

  • First name (last name or first letter if you wish may also be included)

  • Town and country you live in. (NOT the home address unless home visiting)

  • Age or Date of birth (whichever you are more comfortable providing)

  • Whether you like "live distant healing" or "non live distant healing"

  • Contact number and email for follow up and txt messaging if necessary.

  • Picture of patient if available (only if the patient agrees with it to provide it).

If for any reason a Reiki practitioner is unable to perform treatment due to illness or stress then we inform the customer and reschedule their appointment, this is the very reason why advance payment would not be appropriate. payment is made on day or next day after treatment.

The practitioner will share bank account number and sort code for direct bank payment transfer if necessary. 

We also offer over the phone payment using CNP (customer not present) method. You share your card details with us, during this we do NOT write any details down and show you we are charging the appropriate amount by sending sending a copy of your receipt by text or email. We are very security aware and do NOT break these security rules.

If you have any questions or queries regarding anything written here please find our contact information here.