On this page I will post updates on current, future events and changes to website.

Please visit regularly for information. 

28/10/2020 Due to Covid 19 and lack of customers JCNT will officially close down soon, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

16/09/2020 Business Twitter logos applied tweets will follow shortly. 

16/09/2020 Reiki page content update to include more information on Chakra's and some wording changed.

16/09/2020 Reiki page Autism link updated to new article.

16/09/2020 Business Twitter account unlocked and link added to bottom of home page.

16/09/2020 It has been a while since any changes have occurred on this website, I have been dealing with family life and unable to update/change content I am back now and several changes will be implemented in the next few days and weeks. These changes will include a new twitter account creation for better communication, updating links information on the website and prices are changing as well, to better accommodate financial concerns of those people doing online sessions. Please stay tuned to this page for updates.

08/07/2020 Online Reiki will be free until end of August as long as customer leaves a review after the session. this will revert back to normal price of £30 a session in the beginning. of september

08/07/2020 As of today clinic visits will no longer be possible, due to Covid 19 and lack of funds. The clinic option will now be removed and only home visits and online options will remain please watch this page for further updates. If you have a query please send me a txt message or email me (see contact page for options) love and light to you all, stay safe.

12/06/2020 He again all who visit, hope you are all well, I have created a reviews page and also decided that treatments will currently be free upon leaving a review after treatment. If you decide you do not wish to leave a review then treatment will be £20 a session, but still lower than normal price because of Covid 19, further updates to come, stay safe.

09/04/2020 Hello all its been sometime since last update. I am organising a one day Reiki Fair online 02/05/2020 that will run from 9 am till 6 pm (not including 1pm til 2pm), to introduce Reiki to you and give 40 mins of treatment per person to learn more about this event and the terms click or tap here for more information

22/03/2020 New procedure for corona virus is as follows:

Reflexology will not be available to any patients currently, due to quarantine.

Reiki Distant Healing will be available to the public at lowered price of £30 a session and multiple payment options are available for more information on Reiki Distant Healing click here.

Clinic visits will now also be unavailable until further notice.

22/03/2020 Terms and Conditions page and forms changed to include clause for Patient Therapist relationship